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Thank you Jensen Ackles!!! (x)

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if i have to see that “there were no beat women because they were all institutionalized” post one more time i am going to scream because like

there were definitely female beat poets and writers and artists who were legit out there and doing things, they were just ignored by their peers who would rather circle jerk over the same nine white men, and erased by history that didn’t consider them [important, popular, prolific, male] enough to be upheld as “beat classics”

and idk instead of posts like the previously mentioned that smack of “oh, what a poor, uncivilized time, not like we are now," it would be more beneficial to comb through the annals of time and bring to light the women who embraced that lifestyle??!!?

but hey, why do all that work when it’s easier to say they didn’t exist because people were so sexist back in the 1950s.

Yes. This. The one thing I learned studying history (and specializing in the beats. and women. this is my bread and butter y’all.) is that you cannot silence people’s voices. Their writing is out there. They kept writing despite the lack of recognition, the scorn, the judgment, the institutionalization.

Buy Elise Cowen’s book. Buy Bonnie Bremser’s. And Diane Di Prima’s. And Joyce Glassman’s! You are living in a time when Come and Join the Dance is actually available on amazon. Do people not realize how amazing that is?! Show publishers there’s a demand for the minimal amount of female beat writing in print now, and they may actually be inspired to publish more in the future. Funny how capitalism works.

Artbook S: Preorders OPEN




Announcing S: a Supernatural Artbook—-an artbook in tribute to the CW show, featuring never-before-seen artworks from over 30 incredibly talented artists.



As suggested by the title, the themes of the book will be words starting with the letter “S”. The three main sections are Sons, Soldier, and Sinner.

Physical book dimensions:

  • 60 pages
  • 8.4 by 11 inches
  • full color
  • perfect bind

The digital book will be in .PDF

Buttons and prints also avaliable!

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All net profit will go to Action Against Hunger.

It’s finally happening! The Kickstarter for the SPN artbook is up! There are so many incredible artists who are a part of this and I’m so thrilled to be in this book alongside them! I can promise you guys that it’s going to be gorgeous! And it’s for charity too!  Go back the Kickstarter!  

so like, not even the starbucks people have called me for a job but im considering going to buttman (sex shop) and being like DO YOU NEED A RETAIL WORKER I AM VERY WELL VERSED IN THE SEX STUFFS TUMBLR HAS TAUGHT ME WELL maybe id even get discounted sex toys this is like the most appealing idea ever.





man i just came back from watching the maze runner and it was awesome

it also scared the shit out of me cause im a wuss but i loved it!!

multiple problems explained with two pictures


Supernatural’s conception of its fanbase:


Actual fanbase:




dean’s always opening doors for cas and it annoys the fuck out of cas so he starts using his angel powers to open doors like 20 feet ahead of time bUT THEN dean gets annoyed so every time they’re walking toward a door dean shoves cas out of the way and sprints for it. he’s been hit in the face a few times by doors suddenly flying open on him.

Dude yes

The winter soldier is such a great movie

Even the end credits are great. Actually the end credits are one of the things i like most about it THEY ARE STUNNING. So simple and powerful, and with beautiful typography UNF. The whole sequence is just—i tip my hat to whomever designed it.

But the movie is pretty awesome too.

my font library consist of more or less 80% sans serif fonts, out of which at least 50% are condensed families because im a sucker for cond fonts. the other 20% is a weird mix betwen slabs and serifs and weirdass fonts and this makes it VERY HARD TO DESIGN SHIT WITH READING TEXT ON IT.

because i have like maybe 10 good serif fonts out of a library of over 2000 fonts SHIT. i cant rely on Minion pro forever SIGH time to update my library i guess.

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