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s o okay i might put this thing up for sale on redbubble, since a few of you have asked.

the question is. WHICH? is there a colour you guys fancy that I haven’t considered? I’m all ears.

i dont think it would look great on darker shirts, but that’s what most people like. personally, i like the duo-tone one better, but since this is not for me, ill let you guys decide….

(and for those of you who weren’t around my printing session, this was actually made with a plank of wood that i carved into, applied ink to and then transfered to paper!)

  1. leoleus said: El rojo!
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    LOVE The two toned one on the bottom left. The colors remind me of Cas’s tie and his bright eyes!
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    I really like the one in the bottom left!
  4. sackstiel said: I like the duo-tone one ouo
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